Thursday, June 3, 2010


everybody has memories. they happen everyday.. it is just whether we think they are worth remembering or not. i get in moods where i want to look back at pictures... mainly on facebook... call it "facebook stalking myself" haha and i go back all the way to freshman year of college. i don't go back to high school. probably because i have excepted that it is over and i choose not to look back. college has just been too great of an experience to look back at high school.

looking back on the 3 years i have completed in college. i have mixed emotions about them. i catch myself looking at pictures of freshman year and saying "man, i reallllly miss that." whether that be the people that are with me in the picture or the activity that we are doing... or not doing... or just the way i looked or what i was wearing. memories can be very bitter sweet. i love looking back though. because looking back reminds me of where i was in my life and how i have changed since. i can also look back and be like wow. what was i thinking there. or if i would have known that was the last time me and that person were going to hang out i would have made that night last forever... then i look at pictures and just cant help but to laugh. or just smile. and think. that was a great night. or day. or whatever. then i look at pictures and think to myself "i am going to miss this when i don't have the opportunity to hang out with these people on a daily basis." some pictures make me want to reconnect with the people in them that i may not have talked to in awhile or didn't keep up with them after that year.

maybe this is just senseless babbling but. i had caught myself looking at pictures and since i have had writers block.. i thought maybe this would open up some doors or later blogs. i do want to challenge you all to do something, if you have made it this far in this pointless blog haha. i will explain this "assignment" in the next blog but for now. i want you all to challenge yourself to get up before the sun rises in the morning and go outside. take your bible with you... and as the sun rises i want you to take that time and lift your needs up to God. meditate on the verses: Lamentations 3:22-23, Genesis 8:22, and Psalm 30:5. i want you to meditate on the truth from God's word that the same patience of God that ushers in the dawn every morning of your life also meant your salvation. remember, God is love.

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