Wednesday, September 1, 2010

here i am Lord

i have a hard time trusting in general. i have an even harder time trusting in my Lord and Savior. the one that i should trust the most and with everything because i know in my heart he has a beautiful plan laid out for me. so why is it so hard to just trust in His will for me?

today, i talked to my advisor about grad school. it kinda flipped the plans that i had set in my heart, upside down. it was really hard. i talked to my roommate about it and she was like katie, you need to pray about it and get into the Word, let God lead you. make your decision based on Him. amazing advice but so hard to do.

i pray that i can finally say, "God here I am, do what you want with me and show me your will for my life."

i just want to let go and let God.

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