Tuesday, August 31, 2010


pray until something happens.

bah. i really wish that i was more patient with prayer. being back at school i have been praying for a lot of things. i was talking to my roommate the other night and we were talking about prayer and i realized that i have neglected to pray for myself. i was so wrapped up in praying for other people that i completely forgot about praying for myself.

it is myself that i really should be praying for.

but i'm impatient with prayer. i pray about things and i just want it to happen right away. i feel like im praying for the right stuff to happen so sometimes i catch myself saying "okay God, any day now." i grow impatient when i should just be still and wait upon the Lord. sooo hard to do. i really wish it wasn't that difficult but it is. and i hate it. straight up.

i want a lot of things to happen but i think i just need to pray for my patience with it. sigh.

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