Tuesday, October 12, 2010

twenty two

wow. i'm twenty two. i can no longer tell people that i am 21 when they ask me how old i am. kinda sad because saying you're 21 sounds A LOT cooler. haha. i've never really been the person to make a big deal out of my birthday. to me, it's just another day. of course i love feeling loved when people text me or call me or write on my facebook wall to tell me happy birthday and when i receive flowers from my mom but, as far as celebrating, i'm just fine with keeping it chill. i've been asked several times what i want to do on my birthday but i just kinda want to lay low. probably because i have a big test tonight, which by the way, i am putting off studying by doing this haha. any surprise? i think not.

it's been awhile since i last posted. i took my GRE last week and it went okay. i wanted to do better but i'm just over it now. its whatever. i still have yet to complete a full application for grad school. i'm only like 2 steps away from getting one completed but its not due til april so when i found that out, i of course started to procrastinate. oh well. it will get done this week...maybe? maybe next week :) anywho, i dont really think i had a point to this blog except to procrastinate some more but i really do want to say that i am very blessed to have made it to my 22nd year. i have the best family a girl could ask for and pretty kick-ass friends. i am truly blessed and couldn't ask for more. it's been a fun ride so far and i look forward to many more years to come with some pretty amazing people along for the ride. i love you all, you guys are the best!

remember, God is love.

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