Tuesday, November 23, 2010

reality check

oh, reality checks. just gotta love them. when i finally took the GRE i felt a HUGE load off my shoulders for some reason. since i felt that i went into a mode where i thought everything was just fine. i paused on grad school applications because for some reason i felt like i had plenty of time to do them and now that i took the GRE i can kind of give myself a break. so i've been "living the life." hanging out with friends every weekend, only having class tuesday and thursdays, sleeping in on a daily basis, etc. sounds awesome right? its been sounding pretty darn amazing to me. so amazing that i have neglected the one thing that should be constant in my life..God.

i've neglected Him to the point where i could see that my actions were not reflecting Him. where did this go wrong? at the beginning of the school year i thought i had it all together but thats because i wasn't neglecting Him. i had my devos every day and i was constantly getting into the word but somewhere that stopped happening. i started neglecting the one thing in my life that makes everything seem right again. i yearn to have that back, i NEED to make God a constant in my life again. i am tired of being apathetic about it and i need to start proving He is in my life through my actions. i need to start doing things that are edifying to Him and not just because i want to do them.

He deserves to be a constant in my life instead of put on a shelf, neglected. He is my constant, my rock, my salvation, the one that loves me unconditionally and that shows the most AMAZING grace on me. if He isn't a constant in your life, do something about that.

remember, God is love.

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