Thursday, August 19, 2010

summer 2010

wow. summer is over. it seriously just felt like yesterday that it began. i began my summer going down to KC to visit my roommate right before i had to start volunteering/working for the shelter. and now it's over.

my heart has been changed though.

i can't express to you how much of an amazing experience i had at that shelter. today was my last day and i thought it would just be a piece of cake to be able to leave. i had my mind on getting off early so i could finish up some gs and some packing.. but God showed me where my heart should have been at the beginning of the day. it was incredibly hard leaving those ladies. i never thought i would get so attached. i never thought i would leave half of my heart with that place.

ugh. when i left i started crying in my car because i felt like i was just another person abandoning them in their life. one of my closest ladies there took it really hard because she def looked up to me. i gave her a lot of spiritual guidance this summer along with God helping me. i hope it has helped her out because i know that it def made me stronger in my faith. my heart just broke when i had to say good bye to her. it was probably the hardest goodbye i have ever had to go through. it was rough.

half of my heart was left at that shelter with those ladies and i dont think i could ever ask for a better place for it to be. usually i am very protective of my heart and who i share it with because i dont want people to be careless with it but that has def. changed this summer.

it is my prayer that the ladies continue on their spiritual walk with Christ and to the ladies that haven't found Him yet, it is my continual prayer that they will run into his awaiting arms.

feed the hungry. clothe the poor. shelter the homeless. and lead them to Christ.

ps. thank you Kristi for your encouraging text. it meant a lot to me! :)

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  1. Katie Michelle Krusen,

    you are a beautiful soul.