Wednesday, August 18, 2010

time flies when you're having fun.

so. as i sit and stare at my GS homework i see that a majority of it is writing what i have learned from my experience. that is an easy question but hard all at the same time. i can say that i have learned a lot because i have but its hard for me to put it into words how much i did learn because of the fact that my heart has gone through some major changes this summer.

it can't really decipher what i learned at the shelter vs. what God has taught me through various occurrences this summer. i think it is because it is pretty over whelming for me to think about so it's difficult for me to write it out. i need time to process it all but time is def. not on my side right now. i was hoping by writing this blog that maybe i could figure some stuff out. but yet again, i am at a loss for words.

i started off my summer having 2 main goals. learning what true forgiveness is and to work on being a better friend. through devotions and time at the shelter, i have learned what true forgiveness really is. (i think). so check that off my list. but i am still processing whether i have learned to become a better friend. i guess time can only tell. but i would love to be able to cross that off my list also but who knows if that will ever happen because being a friend is harder then it looks. haha.

alright, well, i guess that is enough babbling for now because all i am doing is procrastinating. better get on the million of things i have yet to do.

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