Tuesday, May 25, 2010

have the people sit down.

infamous words from Jesus as He turned the 5 loaves and 2 fish into a feast for the 5,000 people. He fed only those that were seated. how hard was it for those 5,000 people to actually trust that He would provide enough food for them to feast? apparently, not that difficult because they all sat. lately, i haven't been sitting in a posture of trust like these 5,000 people which is weird because i LOVE to sit haha. today, as i was doing my devos and reading john 6:1-15 and also learning about the times that Jesus had some pretty astounding peace, for example, when Jesus was only 12 and he stayed in Jerusalem when his parents left to go back home. His parents searched and searched for Jesus. 3 days later, as they returned to Jerusalem, they found him sitting there among the other teachers understanding and asking questions. how often do you think of a 12 year old being able to be alone for 3 days and remain peaceful? as i read these stories and thought back on the 5,000 people that "sat," i learned that i need to be sitting in a posture of trust and really trust that God will provide in any situation and learn to remain peaceful. i hope and pray that we can all learn to stop and sit down in a posture of trust. remember, God is love.

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