Sunday, May 23, 2010


j.o.y (Jesus first, others second, yourself third)
easy for one to say. but is this easy to live by? hmm.. not a chance. i would love to say that i live like this on a daily basis. but i know that i definitely do not. some days i do though and it is those days where i find the most joy in my day. ironic, right? other days i get my priorities pretty messed up but who doesn't? it's human nature. i may be a little hypocritical saying that because a lot of times i expect people to live this way and i don't understand how they can't. i find myself saying "wow, how can you not have your priorities straight, isn't easy to put others before yourself and Jesus before them?" not so much, my friends. there are days where i get so caught up in either myself or my friends and i don't think twice about stopping and saying "hey" to Jesus. sad. but true. and then there are other days when i feel like the most selfish person on the planet. today, i realized just how much joy i get out of life when my "priorities" are j.o.y. things just seem so much easier and i am literally in a great mood. so why not live everyday like that? it is a constant prayer of mine that i can always put God at the forefront of my day. i pray also for you, my friends that you can live your life by living out j.o.y. remember always, God is love.

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